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Babak :
    I've just checked my reprint collection of Russian authors' Syrphidae papers and have found what the great Stackelberg sent me of his papers in the early 1970's, on my request.  I have his Chrysogaster paper in English (Ent Obozr., 38: 806-811) [NOTE correct page numbers !] and can send you a PDF shortly.  Hope to find the other on Orthonevra also, if you are lucky.   
    Yes, these spellings in Latin/Greek are a pain !  The late great Vockeroth and I had a comical repaste about "javana or iavana" when I had a problem with an Allograpta with that species name.  "Cannot they spell Java" he argued !  Orthonevra is the original spelling and must be used, NOT Orthoneura which is an emendation.

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On Monday, 9 December 2013 9:16 PM, Babak Gharali <bgharaei at mail.com> wrote:
Dear Stefan
To me at the present time, the name isn't as important as the paper itself.
I should identify many specimens and need the english version . Ximo kindly helped me and sent Russian version. If I don’t find this version I have to work on its translation that last some months.
I think the catalogue of syrphidae may give the answer. As attachment you find that papge.
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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1; DelSp="Yes";  format="flowed"  Dear All!  I've been wondering several times why (and maybe when) the name  
Orthoneura changed to Orthonevra. Was there a typing error in an  
earlier description? One would think "Orthoneura" sounds correct,  
wouldn't he? 
Maybe one of you knows the answer to this puzzling question.  Best regards  Stefan  ------------------------------  _______________________________________________ 
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