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The work of Violovitsh on Eurasian Chrysotoxum is extensive and  well illustrated, though Chris doubts Violovitsh's results (pers. comm.).  I just published on Oriental species and confirmed another aphid prey species of this genus -see attachments. 
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On Tuesday, 26 November 2013 3:18 AM, Chris Thompson <xelaalex at cox.net> wrote:
Sorry, but I am slow for various personal reasons, etc.
I can get this paper and generate a pdf of it for distribution.
BUT I am curious of why and where we are in respects to the taxonomy of 
As I remember it Daniele Sommaggio was working on a revision of this genus. 
And he was also working on the Italian syrphid types, those of Rondani and other 
authors. So, what has happened to Daniele ????
So ...
from home 
From: Jelena Acanski 
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Subject: [Syrphidae] paper request

I have to ask you 
for a favor.

I need to check one publication (description of 
Chrysotoxum flavipenne), maybe some of you can share it as .pdf

Palma, G. 
1864. Ditteri della fauna napolitana. Annali dell’Accademia degli 
Aspiranti Naturalisti(3) 3 
[1863]: 37-66. [1864.??.??]

Thanks in advance

Best regards

Jelena Ačanski
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