[Xerte] Re: Error Message when working in Xerte

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 16:11:35 GMT 2016

Hi Helen

1)      Assuming you mean version then just visit http://

2)      Sounds like the Xerte installation isn't set up correctly by your
technical staff - when you create a project via the browser it should be
creating a subfolder for that project in USER-FILES and anything you upload
and save gets written there. Did they test via guest access before switching
to ldap? You can switch to guest access via the management area then refresh
or close all browsers and then revisit to test via guest access and
eliminate the ldap configuration being part of the problem. The admin
account you mention is only for the management area and doesn't work for
logging in to the normal workspace.





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I have two questions if I may:


1)       Is there a way that I can tell which installation of Xerte I am
working on?  I have access to the management.php panel but not sure I have
anything deeper than that.

2)      Our technical staff have created a test server for Xerte and I'm in
the process of testing it (it's 3.x - hence the question above).  I can
login fine, using both my LDAPped ID and using the administrator username
and password.  I can create a Learning Object and can create pages (I've
only tried text pages so far as part of my testing plan).  However, Xerte
doesn't appear to save these pages, nor the content within them, and when I
try to play or publish I simply get "error" - no code or information to help
me troubleshoot.  I've tried using Chrome (Version 54.0.2840.99 m) and
Firefox (Version 50.0) so far but get the same issues.  Is this me having a
dull moment, or is there a setting that I need to change somewhere, or get
our technicians to change?


Many thanks in advance


Kind regards




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