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There is a problem, I'm not sure it is xerte related:

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When I try to play LOs in any browser other than Firefox (using the downloaded deployment zip) I get a message in the browser saying "The project data has not loaded." This occurs on desktop machines and the Android tablets I ultimately want to deploy the LOs on.

I'm happy just to use Firefox on the tablet, the problem (which may be related?) is that only the first two videos chosen (whichever two I choose of the four available, it doesn't matter) will play. Subsequent videos just hang and when I return to the videos that worked a moment earlier they hang too.

These are the LOs I'm working on:

Any suggestions?


Oliver Haslam
Learning Technologist
Learning Innovation Unit<https://share.uwe.ac.uk/sites/fet/liu/Pages/Home.aspx>
Faculty of Environment & Technology
University of the West of England

0117 32 88215

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