[Xerte] XOT Limitations

Kent kent_chesnut at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 25 19:55:09 BST 2015

I'm a longtime user of Xerte (standalone version) and I've just started playing with XOT.  It appears that XOT is rather limited (or maybe I'm just not seeing it).  Does XOT...* Support variables and calculations?* Support scripting?* Support branching?* Allow users to input text and numeric data?  (need multiple input fields on a page)* Allow using user input data in other strings?  (like a url)* Allow user input data to be checked for correctness?* Keep track of student input and scores?
Also, is there any plan to upgrade the standalone Xerte to publish as HTML5?
Thanks for any help you can provide,Kent 		 	   		  
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