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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Apr 27 09:47:21 BST 2015

No plans to upgrade the old windows xerte I'm afraid. However, Xerte Online Toolkits will do a lot of what you need. You can easily extend the existing suite of templates with your own html and javascript, so you can effectively build whatever you want. Since the runtime is now html, you can simply do...

//here is some javascript
alert("hello world");

Some CSSClass {
  //style info here

...pretty much anywhere you can enter text.
You can also easily add your own templates to the suite if you want them to be wizard / data driven. On top off that you can load javascript libraries, so the world pretty much is your oyster.

Branching can be achieved either through the connectors page types, or through your own code.

SCORM tracking might need a bit of work to get it tracking what you need. Otherwise you can easily add your own functions for sending / getting database data.


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I'm a longtime user of Xerte (standalone version) and I've just started playing with XOT.  It appears that XOT is rather limited (or maybe I'm just not seeing it).  Does XOT...
* Support variables and calculations?
* Support scripting?
* Support branching?
* Allow users to input text and numeric data?  (need multiple input fields on a page)
* Allow using user input data in other strings?  (like a url)
* Allow user input data to be checked for correctness?
* Keep track of student input and scores?

Also, is there any plan to upgrade the standalone Xerte to publish as HTML5?

Thanks for any help you can provide,
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