[Xerte] Problems exporting Xerte project- Update

Kathryn Duncan kd0566.2010 at my.bristol.ac.uk
Mon Apr 28 13:04:23 BST 2014

Dear all,

*Thank you very much for all your help.*

I was unaware I could not mount the LO from my local disk.

I have this morning been in contact with Bristol University I.T. department
and have been successfully able to upload my project to the host
institutions Blackboard and it now all works fine in Google Chrome.

*I have two further questions that I would be very grateful for your help

1. Currently the media files on my project are in flash format. *Does Xerte
support mp4 files?* I have tried previously uploading them into my project,
however, this has been unsuccessful. The reason for asking is due to the
preference of Bristol University for the purposes of multi-format support
i.e. pc, tablet, phone etc.

2. Currently the Xerte projects, when loaded externally on to the Bristol
Blackboard, only play using Google Chrome. Is anyone aware of *whether the
Xerte projects can be used across multiple web browsers?*

Thank you in advance.

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