[Xerte] Re: Problems exporting Xerte project

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Fri Apr 25 17:09:59 BST 2014

In IE you should see a prompt to allow blocked content? 

Also make sure you have extracted and opened the index.htm from the
extracted folder not the original zip?

Also did you click the publish button before exporting? I think sometimes
the exported xml can be empty unless you publish before exporting.

If the xml is complete the chances are if you put the project online it will
work and the reason it doesn't locally is because of security or browser
settings etc




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Dear all,

I am a medical student who is currently creating an e-tutorial for my
university. I have finished the project and have exported the learning
object zip.file with both html5 and flash versions. When the zip is unpacked
and I try then to run the .html file I get the error message "the project
data has not loaded".  This occurs regardless of which web browser I use
(internet explorer, chrome). The aim of what I am trying to achieve is to
export the learning object, then to place it onto the virtual learning
environment "blackboard" at my host institution. 

Any help you could give me to resolve this problem would be very much


Kind regards


Kathryn Duncan

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