[Xerte] Re: Glossary, video, visibility issues in HTML5 preview and deployment

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Tue Oct 1 19:07:40 BST 2013

Hi Greg,

I found two mistakes in the Glossary, Bunk and I already forgot the 
other one (they had a Term, but no definition)
Furthermore, the first page is a textVideo page without a video (the 
video now says 'Select a video') and xerte tries to find out the type of 
'Select a video'by looking for its extension, which obviously doesn't exist.

So try this one, and select a video on the first page, and check what 
works and what doesn't work. Let me know if I can help you further.

By the way, if you copy this data.xml into the project, be sure to copy 
this file over preview.xml as well!


Op 30-9-2013 23:27, Greg Reader schreef:
> Thanks for the quick replies. Attached is the data.xml file for the 
> LO. Reducing the number of entries does allow the resource to load but 
> doesn't seem to affect the other issues. I've been moving between 
> machines, one Win7 but using MAXOS and the other Win8.1 using a local 
> XAMPP setup, for development. I don't have any knowledge of xml so am 
> a bit at a loss for troubleshooting.
> Thanks,
> Greg Reader
> Windows ???????
> *???:* Greg Reader
> *????:* ?Sunday?, ?September? ?29?, ?2013 ?7?:?20? ?PM
> *??:* 'Xerte discussion list'
> I am in the final phases of completing a LO in XOT 2.0 and I have run 
> across an array of issues that I am hoping someone may be able to help 
> me solve. I moved this resource from Captivate to Xerte and would hate 
> to have to move it back at this point.
> A bit of background first: The resource is for language learners who 
> will not be connected to the internet so the final deployment is 
> planned to be via USB flash memory. The includes a large glossary of 
> terms (100+ terms), video (mp4) and audio (mp3). As it will be on 
> flash, higher quality video and audio is preferred. HTML 5 is also 
> preferred as we may deploy online at a later date and want users with 
> Apple devices, such as iPads, to be able to access the resource.
> At the start of the project I added the text and images and all 
> appeared to preview fine. I exported a SCORM 2004 deployment to 
> demonstrate the resource and it too ran fine in Moodle 2.2. I then 
> added the audio and all still seemed alright.
> Adding the video, however, brought about some unwelcome changes. The 
> video will be embedded in multiple places as it is used for different 
> parts of the instruction. The video would play fine once but 
> afterwards it would not load (nor would it load on subsequent pages 
> with the same video). The video is also on a quiz interaction page, on 
> which it appears to be embedded twice (two video players appear 
> stacked on top of each other).
> At some time during this, the main template disappeared during 
> previews. Page content does appear, and unticking the 
> visibility:hidden box during debug in browser brings the template 
> back. I believe I have seen this posted previously so I am not 
> focusing on this issue here but perhaps it is relevant.
> Finally, when I expanded the glossary (which also initially played 
> fine) to include all terms, it seemed to break the LO. When I try to 
> preview the LO, the template does not appear nor does the page 
> content. Changing the visibility in browser debug does bring back the 
> template but not the navigation buttons or the page content. Also, 
> when I tried to export the LO it no longer sends the files to a zip; 
> rather, it creates an empty zip file and puts the files in the 
> USER-FILES folder for the project.
> One other point to further confuse is that if I change the default 
> engine to Flash, much of the resource shows up properly.
> Any ideas? I was hoping to demo this for final vetting in two weeks 
> but in this state it is unusable.
> Thanks for any help that can be provided. I can attach xml or other 
> files if that is required for further digging.
> - Greg Reader
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