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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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I'd open it in a new window from a link from a thumbnail in the piece

Upload the images via proeprties -> media and quota. Click on it and get the path

Then use

<a href="thepathgoeshere.jpg" t\rget="_blank"><img src="thumbnailpathhere.jpg"/></a>

To create the link with appropriate instructions to the user.

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I'm trying to display a full screen image from a screen capture (actually bigger than browser window), all of the options I've tried (Advanced image, hotspot) just give me a small image so I tried uploading the media via properties and using the Embed page type but that *still* seems to give me a small image with a .png though it does work if I convert the image to a PDF... but then the resolution isn't great. Any tips...will it work if I use a different image file type?



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