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Unrelated but I'm quite excited as of about half an hour ago I finally have an institutional install :) but it doesn't work :(.

When I try to view an LO (either preview or link) it just hangs "Sending request". It's a bit odd because the first thing I did was try to import a zip from my own install which imported successfully and *did* play...but as Flash rather than html5 -  this issue discussed before (does it mean we're running an old version?) and have corrected on my own install by unchecking/checking Javascript (a.k.a. HTML5)...which I did to observe the problem described...

So I assumed it was an artefact of the import and created a test LO natively which exhibited the same behaviour and, oddly, also plays OK when switched to Flash...

Any idea what's going on?

As the software is on a dev server I'm pretty sure it will be behind the firewall but just in case this is the link to my test LO with screenshots attached both html5 which doesn't work (eventually the screen just goes blank i.e. the frame disappears) and Flash which does:




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I'd open it in a new window from a link from a thumbnail in the piece

Upload the images via proeprties -> media and quota. Click on it and get the path

Then use

<a href="thepathgoeshere.jpg" t\rget="_blank"><img src="thumbnailpathhere.jpg"/></a>

To create the link with appropriate instructions to the user.

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I'm trying to display a full screen image from a screen capture (actually bigger than browser window), all of the options I've tried (Advanced image, hotspot) just give me a small image so I tried uploading the media via properties and using the Embed page type but that *still* seems to give me a small image with a .png though it does work if I convert the image to a PDF... but then the resolution isn't great. Any tips...will it work if I use a different image file type?



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