[Xerte] Changing the default language

István Pető ipeto77 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 20:07:00 GMT 2013


I've again a strange issue with languages in XOT. However, it might be a
simple user error, I don't really know.

A few weeks ago I finally managed to execute a complete translation in a
XOT v.19 with these steps:
- adding Hungarian language to languages/language-config.xml
- creating and translating languages/engine_hu-HU.xml and
- adding  $_SESSION['toolkits_language'] = "hu-HU"; line to
_load_language_file() function in functions.php in order to make Hungarian
the default language
- and finally creating
/modules/xerte/parent_templates/Nottingham/wizards/hu-HU/data.xwd with all
the necessary language dependent texts. (according to this email:

As far as I remember these were all the changes I made. This configuration
works very well in that istallation but today I had to do the same in XOT
v1.8 and it partially failed. Language variables coming from
engine_hu-HU.xml and wizard_hu-HU.xml were loaded correctly but
/hu-HU/data.xwd was not found and the original English  expressions were
used instead.

Did I missed something or it might be a version related issue?

Thanks in advance!

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