[Xerte] Re: login_library.php is empty

Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Fri Dec 21 08:53:25 GMT 2012

There's not account creation via management.php apart from the single admin
account so how are you creating users?


It sounds like your install was working probably with the default guest
access so I suggest you do the following:


1. Backup your database and directory in case of problems

2. Download 1.9
http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xerte/downloads/xertetoolkits.zip extract that
and copy the files over the top of your 1.8 install

3. Test it's working with the default guest account e.g. create and view an

4. Edit auth_config.php and set authentication to static by un-commenting
static and commenting out guest

5. Edit \library\Xerte\Authentication\Static.php and add your required
accounts and passwords - use the four default accounts for reference before
removing or changing those

6. Revisit your install and test the logins

7. Let us know how that went




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Hi All,


I'm trying to setup Xerte on a website and ran into some problems.


I did a full install from version V 1.8

I followed the instructions in the manual and everything was installed

The Xerte website works. I can create new courses and view them, work with
IFRAME integration in our LMS,  etc.


The website that hosts xerte doesn't support LDAP

Since I want to setup some password protection for the site a have setup a
password on the /httpdocs (root) folder of my site

I made sure that the same users are also created via management.php 


According to the instructions in the installation manual I have to work with
switch.php and put in the usernames and passwords

In the version 1.8 which  I downloaded there was no switch.php

                  On the mailing list I found a switch.php and downloaded it
and made the necessary changes

                  Running that file gave a blank screen

                  After some investigation I found that login_library.php
was empty


That fact that in the first place there was no switch.php present and the
fact that login_library.php  is empty gives me the impression that I did
something wrong or that I use the wrong options. Please advise what to do


What do I want to accomplish?

.        Setup Xerte on a webserver

.        Give lectors access to Xerte by using a password, so they can work
together on courses

.        Integrate these courses in our Blackboard/Toledo LMS by using the
IFRAME option

.        We don't want the courses being publicly available


Thanks in advance for helping me .

Patrick Yperman
Lector Handelswetenschappen en Bedrijfskunde 

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Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg

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