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Yperman Patrick Patrick.Yperman at khlim.be
Fri Dec 21 08:36:18 GMT 2012

Hi All,

I'm trying to setup Xerte on a website and ran into some problems.

I did a full install from version V 1.8
I followed the instructions in the manual and everything was installed successfully
The Xerte website works. I can create new courses and view them, work with IFRAME integration in our LMS,  etc.

The website that hosts xerte doesn't support LDAP
Since I want to setup some password protection for the site a have setup a password on the /httpdocs (root) folder of my site
I made sure that the same users are also created via management.php

According to the instructions in the installation manual I have to work with switch.php and put in the usernames and passwords
In the version 1.8 which  I downloaded there was no switch.php
                  On the mailing list I found a switch.php and downloaded it and made the necessary changes
                  Running that file gave a blank screen
                  After some investigation I found that login_library.php was empty

That fact that in the first place there was no switch.php present and the fact that login_library.php  is empty gives me the impression that I did something wrong or that I use the wrong options. Please advise what to do next

What do I want to accomplish?

*         Setup Xerte on a webserver

*         Give lectors access to Xerte by using a password, so they can work together on courses

*         Integrate these courses in our Blackboard/Toledo LMS by using the IFRAME option

*         We don't want the courses being publicly available

Thanks in advance for helping me ...
Patrick Yperman
Lector Handelswetenschappen en Bedrijfskunde
Nieuw: HRM, KMO,Media & Event en Vastgoed
KHLim                                                                Associatie K.U.Leuven
Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg
Campus Diepenbeek,      Agoralaan   gebouw B  ,  bus 2,              3590   Diepenbeek
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