[Xerte] tabbed column wizard

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Sat Dec 22 23:03:44 GMT 2012

I'm trying to club the 'tabbed column' wizard page into submission inside
xerte desktop, but it is winning.  My page 'name' (title) doesn't appear and
I don't see how I can control the image sizes (the images are all
identically sized). Anyone know where I can set these things?


This page was created in desktop xerte using the 'tabbed column' wizard. I
created a subdirectory called 'tabbedColumn'. Do I need to create separate
directories for each wizard page I use.if I use another tabbed column page
can I put it into the same 'tabbedColumn' directory or do I need to create
unique directories for each wizard page? Do these directories (which contain
their own rlm/xml files) need to be moved to the server when the piece is
packaged.or does the packing import them into the main piece?





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