[Xerte] Adding from other applications

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Jan 28 16:48:23 GMT 2010


1.      If a file e.g. button.swf already exists in the common folder
then an xcp file that contains a file called button.swf will have that
file copied into the common folder, presumably overwriting the original?

2.      No, only if it doesn't exist 

A brand new xerte project does not have a common folder. So unless the
user creates a common folder there won't be one (unless they use a
project wide template in which case they won't be using page wizards).
So I am guessing that all files that are contained in an xcp file will
be copied into the folder the user specifies for that xcp file to use.

It will make one if there isn't one.


This would be consistent and preserve the integrity of each swf file.
But it could bloat a project as several pages could no longer share the
same swf file. 

Put it in common.


It might be useful if the use of the first page wizard could trigger the
creation of the common folder and installation of the suite of common

It does.

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