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Johnathan Kemp johnathan.kemp at cxstaffs.co.uk
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The files are either in common, in which case they are copied to the
rlo's common folder, or they aren't in which case they are unzipped into
the folder you create


I am a bit puzzled, can I check my understanding of what you are saying.


1. If a file e.g. button.swf already exists in the common folder then an
xcp file that contains a file called button.swf will have that file
copied into the common folder, presumably overwriting the original ?


A brand new xerte project does not have a common folder. So unless the
user creates a common folder there won't be one (unless they use a
project wide template in which case they won't be using page wizards).
So I am guessing that all files that are contained in an xcp file will
be copied into the folder the user specifies for that xcp file to use.


This would be consistent and preserve the integrity of each swf file.
But it could bloat a project as several pages could no longer share the
same swf file. It might be useful if the use of the first page wizard
could trigger the creation of the common folder and installation of the
suite of common files, that way all the wizards would have a consistent
location in which to look for the files. However there still needs to be
a way of handling files that are not in the common folder but are
contained within the xcp file. Copying them into the common folder could
risk overwriting an existing file.


I am not sure of the best way around this. I don't know how the common
folder gets created when you use a project wide template. 


I do need to be sure where a file is going to reside so that I can set
the path in the xcp files rlm file.  At present all the files are
expected to be in the common folder, so they are easy to find. I'm not
sure how to specify their location if their location is going to be
selected by the user when they load the page. I will have to figure out
how I can access the path the user selects to save the wizard into
(should keep me good for a short while :-) If the path is going to
change from the common folder then all the wizards will need reviewing.


The reference to searching the rlm file for instances of .swf was just
checking that this would be adequate to identify all the swf files a
wizard needs, or could one swf file be calling another one, which would
then not be directly identifiable from inspection of the wizard files?


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A folder structure makes sense - I will have to take a look at inno as I
have never come across it before.

Inno Setup. One of those great tools I've been using for years.


Is it possible to identify all the files used in the common folder that
a particular xcp file would depend on by simply searching the rlm file
for .swf? Once Xerte is ready to handle swf files as part of the xcp
file then I can incorporate them in the xcp, if I can identify them.

The files are either in common, in which ase they are copied to the
rlo's common folder, or they aren't in which case they are unzipped into
the folder you create

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