[Xerte] Adding from other applications

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Jan 28 15:51:01 GMT 2010

A folder structure makes sense - I will have to take a look at inno as I
have never come across it before.

Inno Setup. One of those great tools I've been using for years.


Is it possible to identify all the files used in the common folder that
a particular xcp file would depend on by simply searching the rlm file
for .swf? Once Xerte is ready to handle swf files as part of the xcp
file then I can incorporate them in the xcp, if I can identify them.

The files are either in common, in which ase they are copied to the
rlo's common folder, or they aren't in which case they are unzipped into
the folder you create

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