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Dave Burnett d_b_burnett at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 4 16:32:37 BST 2008

All perpetual really means is 'don't wait for the interaction to exit -carry on into the page';
Ah. OK.
create a pagegive it id 'myPage' add a script: 
You mean rightclick myPage and "Add Script"?
That creates a script icon below the page right?
Isn't that a different icon than the one referenced further down (myPage)
==myXML = new XML('<request/>');myPage.sendAndLoad(myXML, URLforXML); //you must send an xml packet -even a small one
Yes, tripped over that one yesterday ;-)
add an interaction with an event response:icon: myPageeventName: onSendAndLoad add asc ript to the response:debug(myPage.serverXML); //is the xml object created from the loadedfile;debug(myPage.templateData);//is the xml2object result from serverXML ====
Nothing. No debug window pops.
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