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All perpetual really means is 'don't wait for the interaction to exit -
carry on into the page';
You need to get an icon to do the sendAndLoading for you:
create a page
give it id 'myPage'
add a script: 
myXML = new XML('<request/>');
myPage.sendAndLoad(myXML, URLforXML); //you must send an xml packet -
even a small one, but this is handy for parameterising the middleware as
it is posted into the page for you to handle there
add an interaction with an event response:
icon: myPage
eventName: onSendAndLoad
add asc ript to the response:
debug(myPage.serverXML); //is the xml object created from the loaded
debug(myPage.templateData);//is the xml2object result from serverXML

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The parser dives through the xml sideways, so page 2 doesn't exist as it
sets up the icons in the entry frame.

The way around it is set up a listener to rootIcon, which will exist,
and then ask rootIcon to broadcast custom events for you.

You can set up a rootIcon.myCustomEvent handler, and at any time fire

It doesn't usually require this though.

OK, thanks.
This was all really an exercise to try and find a way to trap that XML
loaded event.
As you said, the XML does load, but I can't find a way to get the event.
I tried both load and sendandload, but no luck.
So I was trying toi get a handle on the scope of the "perpetual" event
Or does the engine just not pass that event at this point?



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