[Xerte] Just installed, a few problems?

Tenney Julian Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Dec 12 16:27:03 GMT 2007

You can draw with code, and you can do gradientFills with code too. In
the help file are some pointers and some examples of using the gradient
For example:
myIcon.beginGradientFill('linear', [0xFF0000,0x00FF00], [100,100],
[0,255], {matrixType: 'box', x: 0, y: 0, w:100, h: 100,
draws a rounded, gradient filled rectangle. 
Look it all up in the online flash documentation -- all those params
always confuse me.
You can draw anything with code that the drawing tools can draw, and
more, as some things can only be drawn with code - like gradients. There
are also some code-based effects like dropShadow and bevel, so you can
draw nice looking rounded panels etc.
There's no ppt - xerte converter I'm afraid. There are some good ppt to
flash converters - then you can play the flash back in Xerte,


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	Thanks, Julian.
	Are there more drawing tools? Maybe some that are not accessible
from the drawing tools menu in the drawing editor?
	Specifically, an instructor has created a good deal of learning
in PowerPoint 2007, using tables, rounded rectangles, gradient fills and
shadows extensively. (actually looks quite nice...) I wonder if I would
be able to make these drawing objects in the native Xerte format or
would just have to bring them in as image files? 
	Is there a PowerPoint XML to Xerte XML import tool?
	Thanks for the great product (good for Authorware "refugees").
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		Thanks. I fixed the templates menu issue. I removed the
options menu item as it has never done anything - must have seemed like
a good idea at the time..! 


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			Just installed Xerte. Looks like a nice tool.
			A few issues right away, though:

			1.	So far, the menu items at "Edit ->
Options" and at "Templates -> Templates..." do not open anything when I
click on them. 
			2.	Are there gradient fills? How does one
get all of the options in the drawing tool that are available in its
screenshot in the help file?


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