[Xerte] sound from .mov file

Tenney Julian Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Dec 11 09:15:16 GMT 2007

The controls should run along the full width at the bottom of the movie.
Is that not the case? One reason for that is if the movie contains
transparency - Xerte can't then work out how big it should allow for the
movie to play. One solution to that problem is to edit the swf and
provide a background for the movie area, even a transparent one, in the
first frame, so that when the movie loads, Xerte can draw the controls
the right length.
If you want to control the movie independently, use an interaction icon
with some buttons on it for play, stop, pause. Inside those buttons add
some script to control the movie. You will need to give the movie an ID.
So if your movie has an id of myMovie, myMovie.play(), myMovie.pause()
and myMovie.reset() will provide control. You can use custom buttons too
if you want a particular look and feel. The same goes for sound and flv.
There's no practical limit on the size of Xerte files. We have some in
the region of 500Kb that load and run fine. Most files are in the region
of 25 - 100KB. Of course, bigger files are more complex and harder to
maintain. Even a 500KB file is likley to occupt only a small proportion
of the total project's size, when you've factored in graphics, sounds,
swfs and video. You need to bear in mind the bandwidth available to your
end-users, which will determine the ammount and quality of the media you
use - if you're expecting modem users to view a 25MB swf file it may not
be trouble free.
Whatever your bandwidth, if you have swfs over about 1MB, it will pay
you to convert them to flv if possible, as they will stream much better,

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	Dear Mr.Julian
	Thanks for the quick reply. Well, I have now obtained Flash MX
program.So now I am simply importing the .mov files and exporting them
to get them in swf format. So that problem is solved. Here is another.
	When I include controls in my swf file I am not able to adjust
their position independently of the movie. Also the position of the
controls is not  good  relative to the movie. Will you please suggest
the way.
	I must add that I am liking Xerte very much and intend to use it
do develop interactive content for Engineering college students. Is
there any limitation on the size of the Xerte files? Will there be any
problem if the content becomes very large?
	Thanks again for your time
	Ashok Ranade
	Tenney Julian <Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk> wrote:

		You need to convert the file to either swf or flv. Have
a search for converters,


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			Subject: [Xerte] sound from .mov file
			Is there any way of importing .mov file along
with sound?

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