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Yes it will. I've done some work last week that implements a new SCORM API wrapper. I haven't uploaded the build yet, but when I do you can more easily extend the javascript to do what you want. I'll let you know when I have the files ready to upload onto the Xerte site.
You can then customise the files Xerte uses to create SCORM packages and those changes will be included everytime you publish the files. Bear with me while I get the build ready.


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I am working on the javascript to minimize the screen.  It's my first foray
into this language.

I'm also comparing Xerte to Toolbook.  If you include code that minimizes
the screen in Toolbook, then you have to use an 8 MB web player and as a
result, the piece is not SCORM compliant.

If I package a Xerte piece for SCORM compliance, add javascript functions in
the html page to minimize the screen and call the functions from Xerte, will
the piece still be SCORM compliant?

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