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That’s cool. What I wonder is how it would apply to some of the page types that are configured based on pixels: hotspot interactivity and so on? That would be tricky to scale I think. A subset of pages could certainly be responsive: perhaps if a subset had the responsive stuff added to them, and then those pages were flagged somehow in the editor so if you wanted to build a truly responsive LO, you could just use those pages? That would be a good start.

Does anyone else see any problems with this approach?

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Hi good people at Xerte!
At PedIT, we are currently focusing on going responsive.
It would be great if XOT also could be fully responsive - and by that I mean the end-user interface.
In the object Media->Graphics and Sound, an image can be inserted on the right side. The size can be set to Auto - but it does not adjust to the display. It stays pixel-sized and not percentage.
My wish is that "Auto" means responsive.
But even setting a 50% width would not be good at smaller items like a smartphone in portrait orientation.
There are other pages in XOT as well which uses two columns.
My suggestion is to see which of them would benefit from making a solution like this:

Drag the size of the browser to see how it adjusts.
Dont mind the code, framework or details. The behavoir of the content is the point here. :) And that it is shown in a XOT type fill-window.

/jens magnus

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