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Smith, John J.J.Smith at gcu.ac.uk
Thu Jan 8 15:58:43 GMT 2015

I think jquery is mature enough to be able to get the size of an automatically resized picture so it's all about the calculation... If it is programmed to work when the image (or better the container) is resized then it shouldn't be an issue...

It's been raised before but it would be a bit of work to get it working in all cases and to test across different devices... some report sizes differently to others even when using a  framework...


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That’s cool. What I wonder is how it would apply to some of the page types that are configured based on pixels: hotspot interactivity and so on? That would be tricky to scale I think. A subset of pages could certainly be responsive: perhaps if a subset had the responsive stuff added to them, and then those pages were flagged somehow in the editor so if you wanted to build a truly responsive LO, you could just use those pages? That would be a good start.

Does anyone else see any problems with this approach?

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Hi good people at Xerte!
At PedIT, we are currently focusing on going responsive.
It would be great if XOT also could be fully responsive - and by that I mean the end-user interface.
In the object Media->Graphics and Sound, an image can be inserted on the right side. The size can be set to Auto - but it does not adjust to the display. It stays pixel-sized and not percentage.
My wish is that "Auto" means responsive.
But even setting a 50% width would not be good at smaller items like a smartphone in portrait orientation.
There are other pages in XOT as well which uses two columns.
My suggestion is to see which of them would benefit from making a solution like this:

Drag the size of the browser to see how it adjusts.
Dont mind the code, framework or details. The behavoir of the content is the point here. :) And that it is shown in a XOT type fill-window.

/jens magnus

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