[Xerte-dev] 1.9 thinking

Pat Lockley patrick.lockley at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 4 11:44:37 BST 2012


Given 1.8 seems "done", I have some purely PHP / MySQL ideas for 1.9

1) Allow each module to define it's own capabilities, so for example :-
I have some PHP that can make quite nice learning objects
I'd like to build a new module to support this (explicitly nothing Xerte)
But it won't export very well, so I want no export options

So, I would suggest abstracting the export function away from website
code and placing it within the module (a bit like

This way if a module doesn't support export, there is no option for it.

2) Also allow the module itself to define it's name and it's
desription (so they don't need to be stored in the database) thus
reducing the templatedetails table to a more basic structure.

These two changes offer one big advantage - it turns the basic XOT
structure / system into a generic LO creation management system (which
means developers can do more with it).

My thinking is I have some code which would be useful - but it doesn't
have a "wizard" interface, and I don't really need to write a new XOT
/ moodle plugin, when I can just modify XOT to do it.

Only issue is that the X in XOT starts to feel a bit weird....

If we are modifying the database, then I can see a case for also

1) Restructure / replace the sitedetails table with a more logical structure



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