[Xerte-dev] Re: 1.9 thinking

David Goodwin david at palepurple.co.uk
Wed Jul 4 11:52:51 BST 2012

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> 1) Restructure / replace the sitedetails table with a more logical structure

I'd suggest you use the 'config' table which already has name/value pairs :


SELECT value FROM config WHERE name = "site_name"
SELECT value FROM config WHERE name = "site_email"
SELECT value FROM config WHERE name = "ldap_server1"

This will allow you to easily add in additional fields/values later on.

Retrieval would be easiest through something like :

_get_config('some_name') => returns "fish fingers";

_set_config('key_name', 'value') 


Config::getValue('some_name') => returns 'fish fingers'

Config::setValue('key_name', 'value')

It would be relatively easy to add in an additional method which would return a data structure like what your legacy code expects -


_get_config_all() => …. (as below)

Config::getAllInOne() => returns array('site_name' => 'xxx', 'site_email' => 'xxxx at xxx') and so on.

Whether you want it to be OOified or just a "boring" procedural function is up to you / whoever writes it. 

I'm not sure there's any need for a Config object as such (e.g. $c = new Config(); $c->setName('xx'); $c->setValue('yy'); $c->save()).


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