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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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Maybe, we're kind of between states with the code, because the new stuff has some changes in that won't work with the old stuff, so giving you bits of new stuff to mix up with the old stuff might not work. But those changes in the engine ought to have sorted the unlabelled buttons? Hmm.

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Thanks for the updated engine file, but it doesn't seem to have fixed those buttons for us. We're still on 1.7 here though, and I'm thinking your working copy will be a variation of 1.8? Is it possible that's the reason and we're missing updated versions of certain other files that mean this will work?

I can see what you mean with the architecture comment. It looks like hotspots for instance would need individual tooltips per hotspot adding (right now it's just one global for the whole image) to allow the screen reader to get at the individual parts properly? I don't know enough about Xerte yet to say how big of a job that is, but can see it isn't trivial.

In answer to your question, Jaws doesn't seem to notice the images on the ButtonNav, Accordion & Tab Nav so it does seem like there's a problem there. It's a bit different to normal though as usually it will at least list something as unlabelled, in this case it doesn't list them at all. The main thing on ButtonNav/Accordion/TabNav though, is the menu buttons themselves showing as unlabelled, I did try looking at this but wasn't sure how to fix it.

Something else someone has found today is that Jaws will read the page title on some pages but then not on others. I haven't looked into this myself yet just been told about it, but I'll try and take a closer look this afternoon and feed back to you properly on that.


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