[Syrphidae] Re: FW: Looking for digital syrphid specimens for Syrphidae ID course

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Wed Nov 24 17:11:07 GMT 2021

Dear Francis, Frank
maybe you already know the digital library of Steven Falk on flickr?Don't know however if flickr allows the resolution that is needed for this purpose but Steven Falk surely always tries to bring several id-features on camera of a large amount of species of (hover)flies.Check:Syrphidae (hoverflies)

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Syrphidae (hoverflies)

Hoverflies are the most popular group of flies within the British dipterological community and with nature-lover...



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Subject: Looking for digital syrphid specimens for Syrphidae ID course
Dear syrphid friends!
Because of the critical CoVId-19 situation in my part of Germany I have to teach syrphid identification for my students with online resources only.
Does anybody have any hints for an online gallery of highres photographic specimens ? The photographs should be suited to be used with the standard ID keys for Central Europe (Bartsch et al., Bot & Van de Meuter Veldgids).
Any hints or links are very welcome! 
Best regards!
Frank Dziock
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