[Syrphidae] Re: Cheilosia with strange things growing on face

Sander Bot botsander at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 10:44:37 BST 2020

Thanks everybody for the information. A phenomenon I had never seen before,
very interesting!

Op wo 12 aug. 2020 om 10:03 schreef Axel Ssymank <Axel.Ssymank at bfn.de>:

> Hi Sander,
> I have similar specimens in my collection of other Syrphid species. These
> are clearly Pollinia, but be aware that not only orchid species have
> pollinia, another plant family also has pollinia which look similar:
> Asclepiadaceae (for example Vincetoxicum hirundinaria or in southern
> coutries also Asclepias syriaca). DNA analysis of the Pollinia is certainly
> a good idea.
> Best,
> Axel Ssymank
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> Dear all,
> Last June I collected a few Cheilosia in the Alps with weird things
> growing on their face. Something like a fungus or so. Have a look at a
> picture of an unfortunate lady Cheilosia rhynchops affected by it:
> https://observation.org/observation/198290575/.
> Does anybody have an idea what this is?
> Best wishes,
> Sander
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