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Thanks for that. Any pertinent information and details would be 
greatly appreciated. When you refer to mating, did you actually 
achieve mating in the buckets or were the females mated prior to 
placing them in the buckets?

Thanks - Chris

At 03:03 PM 6/15/2009, you wrote:
>I had success mating and rearing a few of the important aphid 
>feeding species in Salinas a few years ago.  Sphaerophoria spp. and 
>Toxomerus spp.were easy.  I used 5 gallon plastic buckets with 
>ventilation in the sides as well as a sleeve opening and a clear 
>plastic top. I used flowering alyssum plants for pollen and streaked 
>honey on the sides.  I then placed aphid infested lettuce plants 
>into the cage and the females would readily oviposit on them.  I 
>changed them daily and hatched the eggs in a growth chamber.
>I can provide more details if you would like.
>Bill Chaney
>Entomology Farm Advisor, retired
>University of California
>On Jun 15, 2009, at 5:55 AM, Chris Bergh wrote:
>>I am in need of any information or advice regarding mating syrphids 
>>in captivity (any species would be fine, although I work with a 
>>Pipizine). This information could be from cage studies or (ideally) 
>>under quarantine conditions. As well, if any of you have any 
>>information or records regarding parasitism of any Pipizine syrphid 
>>by any Diplazon species, that would be most useful, too.
>>Thanks very much for your help. - Chris
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