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William Chaney wechaney at ucdavis.edu
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I had success mating and rearing a few of the important aphid feeding  
species in Salinas a few years ago.  Sphaerophoria spp. and Toxomerus  
spp.were easy.  I used 5 gallon plastic buckets with ventilation in  
the sides as well as a sleeve opening and a clear plastic top. I used  
flowering alyssum plants for pollen and streaked honey on the sides.   
I then placed aphid infested lettuce plants into the cage and the  
females would readily oviposit on them.  I changed them daily and  
hatched the eggs in a growth chamber.

I can provide more details if you would like.

Bill Chaney
Entomology Farm Advisor, retired
University of California

On Jun 15, 2009, at 5:55 AM, Chris Bergh wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am in need of any information or advice regarding mating syrphids  
> in captivity (any species would be fine, although I work with a  
> Pipizine). This information could be from cage studies or (ideally)  
> under quarantine conditions. As well, if any of you have any  
> information or records regarding parasitism of any Pipizine syrphid  
> by any Diplazon species, that would be most useful, too.
> Thanks very much for your help. - Chris
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