[Syrphidae] New English Field Guide about to be released!

Sander Bot botsander at gmail.com
Sat Sep 30 09:13:25 BST 2023

Dear friends,

Frank Van de Meutter and I have been working on an English translation of
our Dutch field guide. The book is finished and will be published within a
month, October 26 at Bloomsbury:

·         The book has the same 384 species as the Dutch edition, but on
top of that we added over 10 species to cover the UK and Denmark as well.

·         It’s not just a translation, it has many new improved photos, the
text is fully updated and maps and flight time diagrams now also cover the
UK, Denmark and parts of Northern France and Western Germany.

·         Every species has its own account including a description,
similar species, ecology, spectacular macrophotography, a distribution map
and flight time diagrams.

·         Before the species accounts is an extensive, fully illustrated
key to all species.

·         The book is wider and higher than the Dutch edition, which makes
the photos look even better.

·         Every species comes with an English common name, most of them for
the first time.

·         For sample pages see

Needless to say, you want this book, regardless of whether you have the
Dutch one already. Within Britain you best buy somewhere in Britain, but if
you live in continental Europe or elsewhere you might consider buying it
directly from Sanders shop:
If you order now, we ship immediately when the book arrives which should be
by the end of October, give or take a week. Here is an overview of the
shipping costs:

If you have any questions, let us know,


Sander Bot and Frank Van de Meutter
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