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Dear All

Here a reminder of the existence of the Journaal van syrphidae an
international journal covering all topics concerning Syrphidae.
Started in 2022 and having published 4 papers and processing 4 additional
ones the journal starts rolling.

The journal is financed through the Syrphidae Fondation and membership or
donations are welcome to guarantee the survival of the journal.
As a member you get access to other info like upcoming papers, presence of
undescribed species and who is working on these and just started a database
with downloadable PDF of relevnt Syrphidae literature.

Please check out the website on https://www.syrphidaeintrees.com/jvs/ or
one of the published papers by following the doi numbers below:

Introduction of JvS https://doi.org/10.55710/1.IZNW8306
Saproxylic breeding sites https://doi.org/10.55710/1.IZNW8306
Colour pattern Criorhina pachymera https://doi.org/10.55710/1.XVVS8818
Riponnensia insignis in europe https://doi.org/10.55710/1.ILFW2845

Best wishes,

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