[Syrphidae] Fauna of syrphidae from Mt. Qinling-Bashan in China

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Hi Andre,
here is the Meliscaeva part... Did not have enough time to scan the whole

On Mon, Aug 7, 2023 at 9:23 AM André van Eck <andrevaneck at freedom.nl> wrote:

> Dear all,
> From this book:
> Huo, K.-K. Ren, G.-D. & Zheng, Z.-M. (2007) Fauna of syrphidae from Mt.
> Qinling-Bashan in China (Insecta: Diptera). Chinese Agricultural Science
> and Technology Press, Beijing, pp. 512.
> I am looking for, in particular, the part where *Meliscaeva* is treated,
> including its key..
> So, is there anyone who could provide me of a pdf- or photocopy?
> Of course, the whole part III of this book is also welcome ;-)
> Best wishes,
> André
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