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Thu Aug 5 18:52:36 BST 2021

Thank you very much for the .pdf and useful suggestions, Sander, Francis &

Then I have two additional questions.

1 - Does anyone have a .pdf of:

Freundt, R., A. Ssymank & K. Standfuss 2005. Schwebfliegen in
Nordrhein-Westfalen (Diptera: Syrphidae). Checkliste der seit 1980
nachgewiesenen Arten. – Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft westfälischer
Entomologen 21(11): 1-18.

2 - And/or observations of the species Temnostoma meridionale from
Niedersachsen and/or Nordrhein-Westphalia?

Currently I'm writing a short faunistic paper on the find of Temnostoma
meridionale in the south of the Netherlands and I'm trying to find out its
distribution in neighbouring Belgium and Germany. In Belgium records are
restricted to the Gaume region in the south (pers. com. Frank van de
Meutter). Then it should follow that the species is expanding through the
German Bunderlander of Niedersachsen and/or Nordrhein-Westphalia.

Kind regards,


On Thu, 5 Aug 2021 at 09:49, Grigory Popov <grigory.v.popov at gmail.com>

> Hi Elias,
> According to Palaearctic Catalogue by Peck (1988) and more later
> Krivosheina papers the "Mamaev" latinisation is only correct in the taxons.
> But I guess the most appropriate it would be "Mamayev" as stated in some
> transliteration rules from Slavian names and surnames.
> Best wishes,
> Grigory.
> чт, 5 серп. 2021, 10:14 користувач Ectemnius <ectemnius at gmail.com> пише:
>> Dear Syrphidologists,
>> Two questions:
>> 1 - Does anyone have a .pdf of the following publication:
>> Krivosheina, N.R, Mamaev, B.M. 1962. Larvae of the European species of
>> the genus Temnostoma (Diptera, Syrphidae). Entomological Review 41,
>> 570-575
>> 2 - How is the second author correctly spelled? I've seen both 'Mamayev'
>> and 'Mamaev' referring both to the paper above.
>> Many thanks,
>> Elias de Bree
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