[Syrphidae] Exact location data for some European Syrphidae species

Gerard Pennards gerard_pennards at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 11 18:12:28 BST 2020

Dear All,
I'm sending you this email because I hope you can deliver me some exact as possible location data from your countries for some species that I'm assessing for the IUCN Red List of Hoverflies. From all of these species in this list I have some (broad range) data, but we think this might picture a too optimistic situation for the status of the species involved. Maybe if we have better data we can reduce the AOO and EOO so we might get a more accurate picture of the real situation for these species. From some countries I have precise data, from others I don't and in that case I hope you can help me! The following species are involved:

  *   Brachypalpus chrysites
  *   Callicera aenea, aurata, fagesii, macquarti, rufa and spinolae
  *   Chalcosyrphus eunotus, femoratus, jacobsoni, nigripes, rufipes and valgus
  *   Temnostoma angustistriatum

So if you would happen to have location data of one or more of these species, or you would know were to find them or whom to contact for that, please let me know! Countries were I think I can get exact data (Iwill arrange that myself): UK (Ball and Morris), Ireland (Martin Speight), Scandinavia (on the net), Netherlands, Belgium (the Dutch), France (Martin Speight), Spain (Santos Rojo, Antonio Ricarte), Italy (Daniele Birtele), Portugal (Andre van Eck), Greece and the Balkan countries (Ante Vujic), Poland (Robert Zoralski, Lukasz Mielczarek) and maybe Ukraine (Grigory Popov). But extra (maybe unpublished) data from the above mentioned countries is also very welcome! All information from other European countries that are not in this list, or from European Russia are needed, and I would be happy if you all would take a look in your data bases.
Your contribution will of course be mentioned in the assessments of those species.
If you have any more questions or remarks please contact me!
Thank you in advance, kind regards,

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