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Peter Kevan pkevan at uoguelph.ca
Wed Jul 1 13:58:31 BST 2020

Hello Syrphidologists:

Some of you are also members of the Entomo-L listserv.  I have been removed by the authorities at University of Guelph (the host institution for Entomo-L) for the stated (to me) reason that listowners should be full-time employees of the U of G.  I have been retired for a decade so technically the U of G authorities are correct and should have asked me to step aside and find an acceptable replacement when I retired, or I should have remembered to alert the authorities on retirement.

The recent debate and, in part, fracas, about on the name of the Entomological Society of America's entomological general knowledge games has resulted in the present situation with respect to the lack of recent postings on Entomo-L.

Entomo-L has not been suspended or taken down.  Please post questions and news of general enomological interest to Entomo-L to keep it active, even while it seems to be in some sort of abeyance.

Thank you,

Peter Kevan, FRES, FRSC, FLS, FRSB
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