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Subject: Re[2]: Species of Syrphidae in European Russia

Dear Francis
 I tried to send Krivosheina's works by another e-mail address,
but my letter have back. Now I am doing this again.

One more thanks for your help with my  publication.

Best regards,
Вторник, 29 октября 2019, 21:40 +07:00 от Francis Gilbert <francis.gilbert at nottingham.ac.uk<mailto:francis.gilbert at nottingham.ac.uk>>:

I have converted the document into a more user-friendly Excel version.

Note that there are some duplications (highlighted in yellow) which need to be clarified by Anatolii

Best wishes


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Subject: Species of Syrphidae in European Russia

Dear All,

I just uploaded a document to BOX that Anatolij provided (thank you very much Anatolij!) about the occurrence of species in European Russia. I also have attached the document to this email. It will help you on our projects!

It is by no means complete, for that the collections of Moscow and St. Petersburg have to be consulted, hopefully somewhere in the near future!

But it will help us to see were species are present or not.

Kind regards,


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С уважением,
Анатолий Баркалов
barkalov1954 at mail.ru<mailto:barkalov1954 at mail.ru>
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