[Syrphidae] Brachypalpus nigrifacies and Chalcosyrphus fulviventris

Gerard Pennards gerard_pennards at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 6 07:54:53 GMT 2020

Dear all,
After the email conversations and discussions with some of you (thank you all) about these two species, I have the following ideas.

the pictures shown in the two links I showed earlier probably show the female of Brachypalpus nigrifacies. It is known to occur in the Caucasus, and now it is probably also in the south of European Russia as it seems. But some material would be nice, so if someone goes these keep a look out for this species! Maybe an addition for the list of the IUCN as well?
The synonymy of Chalcosyrphus fulviventris from Corse with Chalcosyrphus piger is published by Hippa 1968, publication attached. It is mentioned in the abstracts and in the text!

Kin regards,

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