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Hi Jayita,

Attached the two papers of Ghorpade, and a few others.


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Respected sir
i Want following references pdf for my thesis purpose i will be highly obliged if some one help me out with this
1. Bhatia, H. L. & Shaffi, M. 1933. Life-histories of some Indian Syrphidae. Indian Journal of Agriculture Science. Volume 2 (1932): 543-570
2. Mutin, V. A. 1998. Four new species of the genus Sphegina Meigen, 1822 (Diptera: Syrphidae) from Russia and India. J. Dipt. Res. 9: 237-241. [Sorry but I can not understand the full name of the journal]
3. Kohli, V. K., Kapoor, V. C. & Gupta, S. K. 1988. On one new genus and nine species of syrphid flies (Diptera: Syrphidae) from India. Journal of Insect Science.. 1: 113-127. [1988.09.??]
4. Wiedemann, C. R. W. 1830. Aussereuropaische zweiflugelige Insekten. Zweiter Theil. Schulz, Hamm. xii + 684 pp., 5 pls. [1830.09.22], page no:134-136
5.Ghorpade, K. 1982. A new Callicera (Diptera: Syrphidae) from the northwest Himalaya. Colemannia 1: 163-167.
6. Ghorpade, K. 1994. Diagnostic keys to new and known genera and species of Indian subcontinent Syrphini (Diptera: Syrphidae). Colemania Ins. Biosyst. 3, 15 pp. page no:10-15

I will be highly grateful sir if you provide me this papers.
thanking you
yours faithfully

Jayita Sengupta
Senior Zoological Assistant
Zoological Survey of India
M Block, New Alipore
Kolkata: 700053
Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change
Government of India.

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