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Syrphidae (Diptera) of Senegal
Erstwhile French colony, independence in 1960.   Dakar the capital, a westernized town situated at extreme west of the African continent.  Population mainly Muslim (90%).  Lies in my biogeographical sub-area of the “Senegal—Sudan Steppes”.   Fauna of nearby countries—Mauritania, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Gambia and Mali—should also be consulted and compared for homogenous elements. 
Ischiodon aegyptius (Wiedemann), 1830                  [ = Syrphus senegalensis Guerin-Meneville, 1844 ]
Allobaccha sapphirina (Wiedemann), 1830             [ = Baccha punctum Bigot, 1884 ]
Eristalinus flaveolus (Bigot), 1880
Eristalinus smaragdinus (Macquart), 1842
Mesembrius senegalensis (Macquart), 1842
Mesembrius tarsatus (Bigot), 1883
Eumerus obliquus (Fabricius), 1805
Syritta austeni Bezzi, 1859
Syritta flaviventris Macquart, 1842
Syritta latitarsata Macquart, 1842
Syritta leucoptera Bigot, 1859
Syritta sejuncta (Walker), 1849      [ doubtful record from Senegal, in litt.  ]
Syritta senegalensis Lyneborg & Barkemeyer, 2005
>From Cape Verde Islands
Erstwhile Portuguese colony, located some 650km WNW of Dakar in the Atlantic Ocean.   Independence in 1975.   Population mainly Christian (Catholic) 96%.
Syritta caboverdensis Lyneborg & Barkemeyer, 2005
COMMENTS:  Like Dr Chris Thompson summarized in a scholarly fashion, Syrphidae or any other fauna of Senegal have not yet been really sampled and studied.  The above is probably the total information available now. A whole great field of knowledge lies ahead for interested visitors swinging insect nets, running traps,  and perhaps Dr Barkemeyer is the BEST specialist who could help in information on Diptera of this country, having even collected there.  Drs Dirickx and Whittington may also help? 
      I am one among the TEAM now publishing on the Syrphidae of the Oriental and Papuan areas with Chris’ guidance and leadership.  I would welcome papers/online files (PDFs) on Syrphidae of these areas (from Afghanistan, southern Tibet, China south of the Yangtze-Kiang River south to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, and east to the Ryukyus, Taiwan, Philippines, Moluccas, New Guinea, Bismarck Archipelago and the Solomon Islands) please.  Specimens of flower flies would also be welcome and maybe we could help anyone with information on our territory of current scholarship and focus.    

Dr Kumar Ghorpade, B.Sc.(Agri.), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Entomol.). 
Smithsonian Institution (U.S.A.) Postdoctoral Fellow (1982-1983) researching Oriental Syrphidae, Sciomyzidae and Ephydridae (Diptera). 
Currently: Post-Graduate Teacher & Research Associate in Systematic Entomology, Department of Agricultural Entomology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Krishi Nagar, Dharwar 580 005, Karnataka (INDIA). 
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For a friend who will travel in Senegal this summer.
Are there any publications about hoverflies in the country (or region).

Thank you for your responses.

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