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To provide you with answer but also to inform ALL ...

A group of us is now working on a CONSPECTUS to the flower flies of the Afrotropical Region which will include a key to the genera (or distinctive groups) along with a comprehensive monographic catalog of the literature.

The manuscript is finished, but we are having difficulties getting support for the appropriate and necessary illustrations. So, we are willing to share the manuscript as is with specialists given that they respect our investment, etc.

As for Senegal, there is no real overview of the flower flies of that country. 

The basic work for the Afrotropical region is Bezzi (1915) which was the last and only attempt as an overall monograph for the region, but largely limited to material at the British Museum (Natural History), etc. Curran did a series of papers based mainly Congo material in the 1930s. Since then there has been no attempts at comprehensive work. And no country level work. Madagascar the only exception with Keiser (1971) but this was based only on the material he collected.

Henri Dirickx (1998) provided a very nice catalog for the region and Andy Whittington (2004) provided a nice statistical "assessment."

We would greatly encourage your friend to COLLECT and appropriately prepare what they do collect. Then at least some of us will be willing to work with them to get an appropriate documentation of the flower flies of Senegal.

Likewise for others.

Yesterday, Maria Angles Marcos from Alicante wrote to us about having a student going to Reunion. From that we hope to enlarge our knowledge, especially of the immatures.

So, while we are slow (for various reasons) in getting formally published, we are quite willing to work with those interested in Afrotropical flower flies. Or I should say on behalf of myself, those of the non-Palaearctic areas as I have other joint projects in the Oriental and Neotropical regions and some solo efforts for Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. As I benfited years ago from Dick Vockeroth, I remain willing to share with others interested in flower flies.


Chris Thompson

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  For a friend who will travel in Senegal this summer.
  Are there any publications about hoverflies in the country (or region).

  Thank you for your responses.


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