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Dear Daniele,


Great! It is certainly not too late. Everybody is welcome to join at any





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Dear Dr. Irina


    excuse me for the long delay; I hope it is not too much late for
partecipate to the project. I'm available for any help. I'm particularly
involved with taxonomy and faunistic record in Italy


Your sincerely

Daniele Sommaggio

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	Dear collegues,


	Thanks to everyone who responded to my email in June about the
participation of Syrphidae in the EDIT project (European Distributed
Institute of Taxonomy). The amount of responses encouraged us to add
Syrphidae as one of the target taxa in EDIT.


	I am now established in London and have started to work on EDIT.
One of my first aims is to establish a syrphid network, which is quite
easy thanks to this mailing list. In future I will send most emails
concerning EDIT only to the collegues who expressed an interest in EDIT
and just general information to this mailing list.


	The aim of EDIT is to enhance cooperation between taxonomists
and to migrate taxonomic data to an internet platform. There are several
workpackages and as member of WP6, "Unifying revisonary taxonomy", I
coordinate the taxonomic side, while another workpackage is responsible
for developing the tools necessary for online revisions. Since the
project runs for 4.5 years, it will take some time before those tools
are ready for use. So to start getting some information online we are
now looking for papers of revisions, which are unpublished but
peer-reviewed and accepted by a journal. We intend to mark these
manuscripts up in xml and make the content and figures available on the
Syrphidae site (with appropriate acknowledgements). We will not make the
original pdfs available. In order for this to work, the authors must
retain the copyright for the paper and give the journal only the
exclusive right to publish. Does anyone have a suitable paper available?


	In October our IT person will start his job and develop the EDIT
portal and necessary web structures. After that we can hopefully start
to put the first data online. 

	As a backbone for information retrieval at the portal we will
use the syrphid names of the Biosystematic Database of World Diptera.
Thanks to Chris Thompson for developing such a great tool for us all!


	Best wishes,



	Dr. Irina Brake
	European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) Department of

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