[Syrphidae] syrphidae and larval trophic groups

alissa.sugar@utoronto.ca alissa.sugar@utoronto.ca
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 17:32:05 -0400 (EDT)

Dear List,

I have a question regarding the use of larval habitat and feeding categories 
to classify syrphids based on adult captures. I have been involved with a 
study investigating the impacts of clear-cutting activities in the boreal 
forests of northern Ontario, Canada, on insect communities, and specifically, 
have used Syrphidae as one group for looking at potential impacts.  Syrphidae 
were collected using Malaise traps (and therefore only adults were captured). 
One way I analysed the data was to group syrphid species richness and 
abundance based on their habitat preferences and also their feeding habits 
during their larval stage (based on the available literature).  This allows 
one to look at, for example, relationships between wood-inhabiting species and 
the amount of downed wood in a given stand. I am trying to find some 
entomological literature supporting the idea of using larval behaviour to make 
inferences on adult captures.  I was wondering if the Syrphidae crowd had any 
ideas or know of such papers.

And while I'm writing here..I know that Syrphidae are called hoverflies in 
Europe, while in North America are generally called flower flies.  Does anyone 
know if these are official terms?  I've noticed that in some American journals 
both terms (and others as well) are used. 

Thanks very much in advance. 


Alissa Sugar