[Syrphidae] SYRFID

Sarthou Jean-Pierre sarthou@flora.ensat.fr
Mon, 15 Apr 2002 18:50:35 +0200

Hello everybody,

I am glad to inform you that a new web site, in French and about French
Syrphids is born, its sweet name is SYRFID and the gestation has been
stangely very very long !

SYRFID :  <color><param>ffff,0000,0000</param>http://syrfid.ensat.fr/


Nevermind, the most important is that it exists now and it gives the
distribution of the French species, per department, with the year of the
data and the reference of the published paper.

May be, it would be usefull for your next trip in France !

With my best regards,

Jean-Pierre SARTHOU

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