[Syrphidae] Yellow pan traps

Francis Gilbert Francis.Gilbert@nottingham.ac.uk
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 09:39:16 +0000

Yellow pan traps are standard in Europe. There are lots of papers. Ones =
you might look at are:-

Disney RHL, Erzinclioglu Y, Henshaw D, Howse D, Unwin D, et al (1982)  =
Collecting methods and the adequacy of attempted faunal surveys, with =
reference to the Diptera.  Field Studies 5: 601-621.

Kirk WJ (199?) Ecological selective colour traps. Ecol Ent.

Emergence traps are also used a lot, especially by the soil zoologists. =
One group that has used them for years is the G=F6ttingen group, and Klaus =
H=F6vemeyer in particular with syrphids; see

H=F6vemeyer K (1999) Diversity patterns in terrestrial dipteran communities=
. Journal of animal Ecology 68(2): 400-417


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