[Syrphidae] Yellow pan traps

Chris Bergh cbergh@vt.edu
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 14:55:52 -0500

Hello. I'm going to be surveying the syrphid fauna in Virginia apple
orchards this year, and will use yellow pan traps as one sampling method.
I've just requested a copy of the paper by Finch, cited as having info on
their response to fluorescent yellow, but was wondering if anyone could
give me any hints or tips about using this method to capture syrphids.
I'm also going to be looking at the emergence of flies (particularly
<italic>Heringia calcarata</italic>) from the duff below apple trees on
which there was a woolly apple aphid infestation last year, using
screened pyramid traps with a clear cone trap at the top. Any feedback
regarding the use of those for collecting the flies would also be of
great help. Thanks.

J. Christopher Bergh

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