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Bastiaan Wakkie bastiaaw@dds.nl
Mon, 17 Jul 2000 23:29:09 +0200

Dear Syrphid friends,

For quite some time I'm working on a Syrphidae website:
www.syrphidae.com. Some of you did see it already and gave comments. For
those who did that --> Thanks! I will always need your input, otherwise
it's not useful to have this site.

I started with The Netherlands, with all the Dutch information of our
Syrphidae Project we're running at the moment. But, as I'm
professionally a webmaster, I'm practising my skill's on this site, an
therefore it is getting more advanced every year.

Now I asking for your input, to make it a site for us all, that is
useful. At the moment most of the text is in Dutch. I'm still working on
the Literature part witch is more difficult than the species themselves
;-). I did build an automatic message board that everyone can use and
see directly on the website.
I did put all the Checklists I have in my database witch contain now
over 750 Syrphidae species. From every specie you can produce a map of
Europe together with a picture if it's available. Genus lists can be
produced from every country I added in my database. You can also see all
the pictures I already have.

Please have a look at http://www.syrphidae.com and give your comment.

Anyway: let's hope we will have better weather so that we can go outside
to observe our Syrphidae world!

Kind regards,
             Bastiaan wakkie

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