[Syrphidae] Re:plant-mediated behavioural and oviposition responses of E. balteatus

Hannah McDowall hannahmcdowall@hotmail.com
Mon, 03 Jul 2000 14:38:30 GMT

I have just started my Msc research into oviposition responses of E. 
balteatus to different sized plants.  However, despite numerous searches 
there seems to be no literature on this at all. the Syrphids seem to be 
classified either into those that lay in response to aphids and those that 
lay in response to plants - end of story.  E. balteatus falls into the 
former group, however I am finding that in a three choice experiment with 
large infested, small infested and unifested plants on offer, syrphids 
persistently favour the large infested plants.  Indeed it seems to take them 
a lot longer to find the small infested plants.  Have you any suggestions on 
any literature which may be relevant to these findings no matter how 
apparently unrelated?
Hannah McDowall
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